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In regards to Loyal 2 Pets

Jun 08, 2009
Hello Decius O: I have a quick question would it be possible for other pets to obtain Loyal 2 through some other method cause at the moment only the Christmas pets Santa Claws and Ostrich in a pear tree come with Loyal 2 as a epic ability that doesn't take up a slot. When it comes to PvP and we rely on our scent pets for scenarios this has made these 2 pets as the go to for pvp players however a lot of us would love to diversify our pets to match us more.

So I was wondering if there could be a way to get a pet to get loyal 2 perhaps by extensive morphing or having a pet for a certain amount of time? Maybe pets could develop loyal 2 at level 70 Or maybe putting a pet through a certain amount of pet matches or buying some sort of elixir in the crown shop you can give your pet that costs the same as the ostrich in a pear tree and santa claws? I think it would be a very popular item.

More than anything people like to express themselves through their appearance and our pets should match I really dislike that at some point everyone will have the same pet in PvP lol...

Gunner's Mate
Dec 16, 2009