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Hybrid Pet + Hybrid Pet = ???

Oct 26, 2012
Forgive me for some weird errors in this message, my computer is acting odd. I would like to know what a hybrid pet + hybrid pet equals. Please don't say 2 hybrid pets, thats not what I mean...

heard getting a hybrid is hard enough. So far I don't really care of much combinations unless there is an Ebon Minotaur in the genetic crossbreeding etc... (I am trying to create a Balrog thingy, which is that fiery beast in The Fellowship of the Ring). But then I realized that this Ebon Minotaur will just be glowing black like my blades of shade, without setting itself on fire. I realized that another pet (that posses fire abilities) would be needed to be mixed with this Ebon Minotaur hybrid to create a Balrog type pet!

Ok enough of that nonsense, I have some questions.

1.) Can Hybrid pets be mixed with Hybrid pets to create new super awesome hybrid pets?
2.) Can you mix a regular pet with a Hybrid to achieve the same purpose posed in question 1?
3.) Has anyone found any results that may be of use?
4.) (Suggestion) Instead of having just our mount visible when equipped, could we have a pet / companion follow it?
5.) Why are pets/mounts tiny in our house? I was hoping for something... excitinger...

Thx to anyone who posts with feedback!!!