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Hybrid from Ostrich and any pet

Apr 28, 2012
Right now, when you morph and Ostrich and any other pet and you produce a Hybrid, the Hybrid has a type of Ostrich. There is actually a difference between this Hybrid and the normal Ostrich: the color is Blue. I think the Hybrid name needs to be changed to Blue Ostrich to indicate the difference between the different Ostriches. The Hybrids, Spicy Ostrich and Blues Crab, need the Ostrich that I am calling the Blue Ostrich.

Trying to get a specific Hybrid can take a long time as it is. Let's not make it longer because someone used the wrong Ostrich. Also, this could reduce the frustration level of the person trying to make a Hybrid by using the correct pets.

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I agree - It should probably be fairly simple to rename it Blue Ostrich.