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Help with getting an Ostrich (blue)?

May 10, 2011
I need help getting a blue ostrich. It's the same as the ostrich but a few parts are turned blue. Look it up on the P101 central wiki.

These are the adult pets I have:
Squall Budgie
Golden Sky Rattler
Crimson Crawlie

We can set up a time today if you want. Keep in mind I have menu chat only, so you will have to tell me things you want to say in game on the message boards.

This depends if this thread gets moderated in 12-24 hours.

I will have time today, Saturday and Sunday. Not so sure about Monday.

- Darling Lily Kelly - lvl 25

Oh, I think you might need to speak to a bird that squawks on a box in front of the big house on Skull Island. If you talk to him about pets, you might very well find yourself with an ostrich after you do his quest.

Nov 23, 2011
Once you have the pink ostrich, morph it with anything. You will either receive the other pet you morphed with, or a blue ostrich. The only pink ostrich you can ever have is the one you receive from the quest Decius referred to. Any other ostrich you receive will be the blue one.


May 10, 2011
I do have an ostrich, but it is not an adult ostrich. I would wait for it to grow up by training, but I just wanted to see if anybody had an adult ostrich to morph with me right now.

Oct 11, 2012
Good luck with training your little critter up! Maybe use some of those snacks from the vendors behind the morphing tent ? The Ostrich loves Marleybone Side-dishes and likes either Marleybone Origin snacks. It likes Side-dish snacks as well.


May 30, 2010
Go hang out in the morphing tent in Avery. Someone there will more than likely help you if you just speak up there.