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Grinding for pets or anything else for that matter

May 23, 2015
Trying to get the FIre Toad from Gortez is worse than a trip to the dentist. I have run this now over 50 times and on several toons. I did manage to get the unwanted chameleon once which was already in my inventory. The problem is this. After visiting wiki I see there are over 350 possible drops and if you add in the high chance of a pet snack instead of actual loot there has to be a unusually low chance of getting this pet. My question to you is this. Does every chest have a chance to drop the pet or just the boss chest? And if so, why then so many lootable items for this boss. Can we try and reduce the amount of pet snacks that drop from the main chest and or gold. How many times must one run this to get a desired item? Thanks

Apr 28, 2012
An easier way to get the Fire Toad might be to go to the Morphing Tent and ask who has a Fire Toad that you can morph with. Or go to Pirat101 Central's Moprhing Match-up and get with someone who has a Fire Toad.