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Grants rank 2 epics

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
Could a pet gain these talents? What I mean is, could a pet grant 2 ranks of a talent instead of one? Yes I think so, if it happens like how pets get rank 3 talents, 2 versions of the same epic from 2 different pets being morphed and the new pet maybe manifesting the higher rank of that talent. (I know it happens when the ranks of the talents being morphed are different too, but that's not quite possible right now) remember, we do get epic talents from our trainer but not usually as quickly as we have now, and I feel that'll stop soon. In regards to that, I think it is possible for us to gain pets that can grant rank 2 talents like this. Now, there is also a discussion to be had about rank 2 talents that don't require this and come in the same package as regular talents for pets. Kinda yes and no, yes having 2 ranks of a talent is on but it depends on the talent, think if a pet came out that could grant 2 ranks of intuition, nobody would get angry, because it would be a talent really no one has access to, and no one really needs since this talent (not even really witchdoctors) but give us rank 2 bladestorm, and then we see swashbucklers dealing huge damage like mobs, and buccaneers with +25% extra damage on their attacks. So it really depends on how accessible the talent already is in the game, but if you were to limit it like I propose then we would really se no problem.