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Jul 11, 2009
Seems like all of the hardcore seekers of hybrids have gone away lately / well at least since that live broadcast on the 15th /

Anyone want to comment as to why everyone is gone.

Petty Officer
Jun 12, 2011
To reply to this message is simple. I'm sure everyone will have their own reasons though. For me, it is a lack of content. Pets were a great much needed addition to keep us occupied while the game is at a stand still as far as an update to the story line.

But after morphing our little pets over and over and over has gotten old. Many are on hiatus for good reason.

Some are leveling other pirates they had been putting off, some have chosen to play other games, and some have just simply left all together until there is a reason to come back.

So the lack of the Morphing Rangers is simple, until more content is added to bring people back, you may not hear from the hard core morphing crew much.

Looking forward to the day when the excitement comes back

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Perhaps some new hybrids have been found, but maybe they were such beastly ones that when they hatched they gobbled up the pirates that discovered them, leaving no trace or proof of their existence. Rest well hybrid heroes, rest well!

Community Leader
Well for me, I was busy leveling up my boy pirates and reading books lol. That's the only reason I wasn't around the Morphing Tent. I needed a break from all of the gold farming and pet hybrid craziness. My boys are now in Aquila and they barely started there. So because of that, I'll remain busy questing unless a new hybrid is found then I'll be back. But, I was hoping one of my boy pirates would be able to find a new pet from a drop while questing. But seems like there's none other than the Scarab and Frog that we know of.

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