Egg Question

May 09, 2013
Alright, there's something mildly interesting that's been bothering me, and I feel like I have to share it. It's about the pet eggs after you combine two pets. Every first generation pet has their own egg, with unique coloring and speckles or what not. However in combining that with another pet, sometimes you get the exact same egg, sometimes you get a slightly different looking egg, or even a blue and red one that changes color over time. What does it all mean? Decius, is there anything to the egg colors, or is it just random?

I haven't successfully created any hybrid pets myself, but to those who have created a hybrid pet, what did the egg look like the second you morphed it, and what did it look like right before it hatched?

Our team of Krocs are looking into why the egg color sometimes does not appear correct on first view.
Once they find out what is causing the color to be incorrect I will let you know.

Please excuse the dust in the morphing tent while they "refurbish" the morphing statues.