Ebon Spectre

May 29, 2009
For Decius and/or Ratbeard:

I recently just noticed that my Ebon Spectres (both Loyal & Non) have gone down from 257 to 247. I have pictures from the advanced pet update showing the GS stats at 257 and now it's changed. I am wondering if this was intentional or just a mistake during a recent update?

I also see that the Epic Shot is still showing up in both Power slots 5 & 6. Will this stay like this or will another Power be replacing one of those?


Merciless 2 was counting for more points than it was supposed to, that has now been reduced to the proper point value.

As for Epic shot being in 2 spots, when morphing it will not pass it one twice but replace it with another talent. The pet that currently has it in 2 slots will continue to have it in 2 slots.

It makes that one unique.