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Decius, June 2016 Hybrid Hints?

Community Leader
Dear Decius,

With the new expansion in Valencia, can we receive more new hybrid hints for the new pets such as the Yeti, Royal Ibis, Severus Snake and the four pets from the pet vendor in Florenza? Hope I'm not forgetting any others. If so, you can provide hints for them too. Please?


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Feb 11, 2010
There are some unknown possible hybrid pets if you spar against Decius. Some I've seen-

Bubblegum Chameleon (Cutie X Orchid?)
Blue Clawed Scorpion (Golden Stingtail X Inky ,Dinolizard, or Ostrich?)
Jungle Chameleon (Orchid X Jungle Toad?)
Cool Ranch Dillo (Verde X Jackalope?)
Longhorn (Sabretooth X Jackalope?)

I've tried to discover their real combinations by looking at their talents and powers. Some may work, some may not.

I'd like a hint too on one. Just one.

I gave OEJ a hint for you all today. It should appear somewhere on KI Live.