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Class pet requests.

Aug 09, 2013
I know this was requested before because I have seen them, so here I am being another requestor to add this feature Anyways, I have come up with some pets who I thing would best suit that class IMO.

Musketeer - Seagull
When I think of Musketeer, I think of a bird. Since Pirate101 is based of the aquatic world, a Seagull best suits this class since its aquatic and its a bird.

Privateer - Eagle
This took some time to think about. Privateers are proud leaders. Now I know, the Commodore is from a British based world were the Eagle isn't of much importance, then an American based world, but when you think about it the Eagle is a demonstration of peace and leadership. I couldn't think a better animal/pet that would fit for this class.

Buccaneer - Marine creature/beast
I know this one isn't too specific, but the first thing I think about when I think Buccaneer is the ocean. It took time to think about, but reading back into pirate legends, you will hear legends of the Kraken, Cthulhu and other legendary creatures. It would be cool to have a pet squid/kraken of some sort, or maybe some kind of miniature Cthulhu. Or perhaps an ordinary sea creature like an Electric Eel or an Orca. I also think of a dangerous sea creature when I think of a Buccaneer. Thats why I think a legendary creature or a hostile sea creature (ex. Eel or an Orca) would best fit this class. But not a shark, we have enough of those guys!

Witchdoctor - Vampire Bat
This also took some time to think of. Of course when you think of a Witchdoctor, you think of death obviously. The first think that popped up in my head was a bat... I'm not talking about a bat that is identical to Bat Masterson, because that wouldn't make much sense as a pet. I was just thinking about an ordinary bat without a human face. Just an ordinary Vampire Bat that ventures with your Witchdoctor.

Swashbuckler - Poisonous reptile
I know that this isn't that specific either, but a reptile is what I think about when I think swashbuckler. Since swashbucklers have that poison power that they can learn, the first that popped in my head was a poisonous creature. Since there are some reptiles that are poisonous, I was thinking of perhaps a poison dart frog, or a salamander. I though it fitted in the best with this class.

I would love to have a quest to get a class pet. They could also make some pretty unique hybrids of some sort just like they did in Wizard101. So, hope you agree with this idea! See you in the Spiral

Jun 02, 2012
I think a fox would suit swashbucklers more because they are sneaky and quick on there feet like swashbucklers are

Oct 08, 2012
Would love to have a Kraken or a Cthulhu by my side. I'm already decked out with my awesome Crokogator pet that is maxed lvl already and has a free sneak attack and group heal . Maybe one of those Fennec foxes from the Wizard101 crown shop pet would certainly fit a Swashbuckler's.

Mar 24, 2013
Great ideas there. I would like to see a pet sea gull someday.

= How about Latvian for buccaneers, as a recommendation. A large serpentine like, sea creature that breath ice. or a Roc a giant flying creature that said to been known to carry a full grown elephant up in the sky.

= A pet cobra will be awesome for any swashbuckler,it's slick and deadly and look cool.

I am so ready to have a cobra as a pet for my swashbuckler or a sea creature as a pet for my Buccaneer.

Oct 19, 2011
i think we should get pets that give a power that no gear gives like a witch pet that gives charm