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Buck PvP Pet Help

Jan 23, 2011
I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing on the message boards, but since I don't see many people in the morphing tent with the things I would like, I am going to try it out. I was thinking about getting back into PvP next season (because I finally got Baar and thought I should try him out in ranked ) and I was wondering if anybody could help me out trying to get a pretty good pet for a buck.

Things I am Looking For:
  • Preferably an Ostrich in a Pear Tree OR Santa Claws (doesn't HAVE to be one but it would be nice for the Loyal 2 it comes with)
  • Needs to Grant Relentless
  • Needs to Grant Elusive
  • Needs to Grant Rally
  • Don't want any sticky powers like Sweet Meteor of Doom in it's pool
  • Nice if it Grants Kraken Lament
  • Super Nice if it has Scent 2
  • Super Nice if it has Scent 1
  • Nice if it has Time Warp (None of my pets have this in their pool so this would be cool even if you just have this)

If you can help me in anyway (even if you just have one of these things) it would be greatly appreciated. And if you can help me and are willing to, let me know on this thread so we can set up a time and place to morph .

Oct 27, 2009
That is quite an intimidating list. I have a suggestion. Set a day, time (include a time zone so we all know when you mean) and realm for a Buck Pet Morphing Event in the Morphing tent. Give it at least a couple days in advance, so it has time to be posted and seen. Announce that you will be there and ask others to join you to breed better buck pets. Given other such postings in the past, I bet people will even reply they plan to be there, if there is time for their posts to appear. This is your thread, so I wouldn't want to set the time, because you might not be available for it.