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are the pets biting back?

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2012
over the years of p101 pets were so suppose to be a pirate's best friend. but it easily dies when it charges randomly. but now since the update pets have powers that can lower stats and turn the tide i mean think about they still have one epic but they have these colorful hitting powers that do more damage. basically their critical strike that can lower stats, hit multiple enemies and they have more than one. i think their getting revenge over the foes that killed them in dungeons and pvp arenas and random battle in the sky. one night when i was fighting dragons, the last three of them had low health like 50-120 i think then my ostrich used that leg power can killed them ALL at one time. i yelled TRIPLE KILL in the air but my ostrich was only lvl 44 and they were lvl 49 i think pets are really pulling themselves up to the food chain. i'm not saying that they're op. but don't be fooled by their cute looks and tiny size. my sabertooth bunny can reduce strength by 50%. remember ther powers could come out of no where and turn the tide of a battle since of their powers and talents

Nov 23, 2011
I certainly think all smart pirates should take extra care not to annoy their pets these days!

Jun 16, 2013
Yeah, pets are starting to hit harder then some companions x.x

Silly Sebastian (,,)