A thank you to Decius Duelmaster

Dec 11, 2010
This thread is a bit overdue but I have finally gotten to it :D

As of the last update a new pet drops from Scylla, the Scylla spawn (aka the regular enemy you face on your ship when fighting Scylla)

Before the test realm came out I made a thread titled "2 new pets I would like plus a short story"
While the regular Scylla didn't end up as a pet, (imagine how big it would grow up to be!) I still am glad the Scylla Spawn made it in as a pet.

Another pet I wanted for the longest of times also made it in (in it's own piratey way) in the latest card pack as well. This being a Piggle (Or it's Pirate version, a Hoggle)

:D Thank you so much for all these wonderful pets and I never knew that my ideas would ever make it into the actual game. I past you a bottle of Yum Soda and let the odds be forever in your favor Decius Duelmaster