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7th Idea For New Hybrid Pet, Cocoaloon

Jun 10, 2013
I have a seventh idea for a new hybrid pet that I wanted to share.

Name: Cocoaloon

Parents: Coconut Crawlie, Silver Buffaloon

Color: Dark Brown

Looks: Body fur looks like Cocoa Powder, hair on top is the same color as a Dark Chocolate Bar. Darker brown than the Pecos Buffaloon.

Sounds: Makes the same sounds as the Silver Buffaloon.

Talents: Talents very based on parents.

Powers: Powers very based on parents.

Egg: It would have a furry egg with the fur on the egg matching the Cocoa Powder color fur on its body. The hair on top of the head would match the Dark Chocolate Bar color hair on the top of its body.

If anybody has any questions about my idea feel free to ask.

Please take this hybrid pet idea into consideration.