Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 524731

Pirate101 will be offline for approximately two hours 05/21/2014 from 3:00am to 5:00am US Central to make improvements and to apply bug fixes to the game (there is a chance maintenance could end early). Updates are listed below for your convenience:

Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 524731 (5/21/2014) (1.057)

• Fixed a bug causing wounded companions to remain wounded for too long or permanently. Note that if you had any companion that was wounded to any degree before tonight’s fix, they will be fully healed when we return from our downtime.
• Collecting items from Pet Wrangling now displays a unique symbol instead of the standard “boot” icon in the companion display.

• Reckless Frenzy will no longer cause a pirate to continue attacking even after a battle has been won.
• Fixed a bug with damage prediction on Power cards. Predicted damage totals will be more reliable.
• The Shield Wall Doubloon will now advertise and absorb a more predictable amount of damage.
• The Doomed damage over time effect of Soulreaver and Mounsong will now be applied correctly.
• The combat battleboard interface now updates and shows a blocked square if another player selects that space before you do.
• Fleeing and rejoining combat will no longer cause your pirate to sometimes appear invisible.
• Clarified the wording on summoning doubloons.

• Pets placed in player housing now move and play for your visitors as well as for you.
• The Slippery Talent now shows the text “Increased Dodge” when it is used by a pet.
• Epic, Mega, and Super strikes for advanced pets have been modified and will no longer do the wrong amount of damage.
• Players will no longer see an “undefined” message when the match maker for pet sparring fails to find an opponent.
• A Pet’s Power levels will now be raised after they enjoy a “liked” snack.
• Ability cards are updated correctly when debuffs/buffs are applied and removed during Pet Sparring.
• Balanced pet equipment prices to reflect their rarity.
• Added a “No Auction” notification to pet equipment items that were not meant to be sold in the bazaar.
• Players will no longer be able to access the pet feeding screen while in the midst of Pet Sparring.
• The North Wind Lion’s egg now better matches the pet’s color.
• The “Charming Gaze” and “Sneaky Sneaky” pet talents now correctly display that they only have a chance of being activated.

• Ch’ok Ak’ab will now drop more outfits, hats, boots, totems, necklaces, rings, and housing items in addition to his horde of Pet Snacks.
• Removed multiplayer chests from Cadmus’ Cave and the Archery Range in Aquila.
• Fixed the spelling of the “Shrimpy” Sapphire Necklace.

• Don Silvestro can no longer be avoided during the Summer Palace dungeon.
• Chumba Wumba’s Witch Hunter and Bladestorm are now only Rank 1.
• Your everyday common Water Mole Slingman will no longer have a damage cap on the amount of damage players may do with one hit.
• Abigail Downton’s last name now appears correctly in the quest log.
• Leaving the Fireship Dock from a multiplayer encounter will no longer show your ship’s health being zero.
• The Temple of Hephaestus now shows its name in the prompt when you need to interact with its door.
• Lowered the strange floating hat in the Captain’s Cabin of the Marie Celestia.

• Fixed a bug causing player ships to remain visible even after a player logged out.
• Players will now be able to place flooring in both the upstairs and downstairs of the Castaway’s Cove separately.
• Gifted furniture packs now show correctly in the Gift Window.
• Fixed a bug causing players to be stuck at character selection.
• Fixed a few mismatched voice over and text issues.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*