Upkeep and Maintenance -- Spiral Date 437086

The Pirate101 game and website will be offline early Wednesday morning (03/06/2013) for anywhere from one to three hours. The maintenance will begin at 3:00 am and shouldn't last any longer than 6:00 am US Central (but there is a chance we won't need the full three hours). We will also be applying an update to the game at this time. Please see the Upkeep and Improvement Notes for Spiral Date 437086 (March 6, 2013): https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/update_notes

Those changes are re-posted below for your convenience:

Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed the Quest Helper and map information for "The Perfect Egg" quest from Sister Snake.
  • Players will again be able to enter the Cave of Thorns for Kobe Yojimbo's promotion quest “Steel the One,” and its quest arrow has been fixed.
  • Brody’s survival chance has been increased in “A Most Dangerous Catch.”
  • El Guapo will now join combat with his minions more reliably during the quest “Tax Relief.”
  • Tyson will now show up in the ring more reliably upon player re-entry for the quest “Pugilistic Integrity.”

  • Fixed a bug causing players to lose mojo after advancing a level.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be unable to train a power while wearing an item with that same power.
  • The Tumbleweed Life fountain will now bind players properly.
  • Fixed a bug causing only Privateers and Musketeers to receive Level 10-15 Rare Jewelry In Skull Island and Monquista.
  • The Crow's Nest housing item will no longer have a section of the floor that could drop players below to the ground.
  • Players using an older or integrated video card will no longer crash when entering a vortex.
  • Charmed units that use a summon or charm power will no longer cause combat to suspend indefinitely.
  • Players will now be able to select powers in a spot that was already selected on a different page of the My Powers screen.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
We're back online early from maintenance! Please log on and enjoy!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*