Upkeep and Improvements -- Spiral Date 427020

Pirate101 will be offline for approximately one hour early tomorrow morning 1/10/2013 at 3am US Central to apply an update to the game. Please see the Upkeep and Improvement Notes for Spiral Date 427020: https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/update_notes

Those changes are posted below for your convenience.

Go Go Stormzilla Encounter
  • NOTE: The Go Go Stormzilla encounter is much easier than it was; however, the encounter still requires you use good strategy!
  • Stupendor-X's talents will now work correctly.
  • Replaced Stupendor-X's Cheap Shot talent with Riposte.
  • Improved Stupendor-X's durability.
  • Fixed the previous movement issues associated with Stupendor-X.
  • Stupendor-X's health bar will no longer appear to rise and fall randomly during combat.
  • Stormzilla Eggs will now display damage taken correctly.
  • Improved the look of Stupendor-X as he emerges from the mountain to begin the encounter.
  • Pets will no longer assist players during the Go Go Stormzilla encounter.

  • Made changes to reduce player crashes and improve server stability.
  • Players joining ship combat late or teleporting to a friend during broadside combat will no longer be stuck in the air after combat.
  • Teleporting to a friend who is docking a ship should no longer cause players to become stuck in the air.
  • Trainers will now appear to beckon players if they leveled from gaining combat experience and consequently now have a trainer quest available to them.
  • Jumping across the center Metal Guardian area with El Toro no longer causes the game to crash.
  • Removed the Cheap Shot talent from Chumba Wumba.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*