Test Realm Update 3/22/2013

The Test Realm will be going offline for about an hour at 3:45 pm US Central to apply an update. Please see the Test Realm Update Page. The changes are listed below for your convenience:

Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 441484 (3/22/2013)
  • Moved the first new Premium Area to begin at Traitor's Cave on Blood Shoals instead of at Dockmaster Dan on Skull Island.
  • Added the title "Seamstress" to Eloise Merryweather's nametag above her head.
  • Corrected grammar mistakes in the Seamstress Tutorial.
  • Added "No Auction" and "No Trade" to stitched items where appropriate.
  • Corrected the icon display of stitched items that are placed into the bank.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*