Test Realm Down for Update (8/27/2013)

The Test Realm will be going offline for about an hour at 5:00 pm US Central to apply an update. Please see the Test Realm's Update Notes Page for a complete list of updates. Scroll to the bottom: Upkeep and Maintenance – Spiral Date 471099 (8/27/2013).

This update is listed below for your convenience:

  • Swapped the Dispel Magic Power of the level 65 Witchdoctor Henchman for the Purge Magic Power.
  • Henchmen will now show class icons instead of a grey shield next to their name during combat.
  • Fixed the Crown Shop to display Tough talents (and the resulting health totals) correctly for Henchmen.
  • Increased the loading speed of the Henchmen tab in the Crown Shop.
  • Henchmen will now disappear when the “usable” radio button is selected outside of combat.

  • Made a few changes to the Sharpshooter’s Citadel (Musketeer) House:
  • Fixed a gap between the stairway and the wall.
  • Touched up a couple areas that had invisible collision.
  • Fixed a spot on the floor that wasn't allowing furniture to be placed on it.
  • Paintings in the Haunted Grotto (Witchdoctor) House will now be select-able after being placed on some angled walls of the house.
  • Stone Walls in the Commodore’s Garrison (Privateer) House will now correctly fade during PvP.
  • Lowered the player bank in the Commodore’s Garrison (Privateer) House closer to the floor.

  • "St. Fido's Crypts” will now display its name when you walk up to its sigil during the quest "Nave-al Maneuvers."
  • Players will no longer be able to access their gifts during combat.
  • General Tso's Second Chance Chest will now give level 40+ clothing and jewelry.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*