Test Realm Down for Update 8/22/2014

The Pirate101 Test Realm has been brought offline at 1:15 pm US Central to apply an update. We anticipate the test realm will be offline for an hour.

Upkeep and Maintenance--Spiral Date 541720 (8/22/2014)

Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Players who use the FLEE button to exit the Tower of Moo Manchu will no longer be able to reenter the gauntlet.
  • Removed some high-level, class-defining powers from the gauntlet loot (and in most cases replaced it with something else, including some brand new powers).
  • Made more difficulty adjustments, for example, adjusted the amount of damage done by Moo Manchu's Infernal Wave and Frozen Tide attacks.
  • The Corrupted Foo Lion's defeat sound is a bit more growly.

Powers, Talents, and Gear
  • Added a duration indication to the power card "Vengeance Shroud."
  • Clarified the conditions for activating the Soul Harvest power.
  • The Follow Through talent will now trigger correctly after a successful hit.
  • Fixed a bug causing some enemies to disappear early before all combat animations had completed.
  • Taking damage from AoEs will no longer break stealth.
  • Blade Storm and Follow Through now break stealth after they hit.
  • Fixed a bug with Blade Storm that was causing it to not trigger multiple times as expected.
  • Fixed the missing animations of the Staff of Power
  • Fin's Goggles will no longer drop from the low-level (Temple of Gloom) instance of Fin, to prevent new players from having this fight spoiled by high-level players farming for gear.

Commerce and Vendors
  • Fixed a bug causing the Buy/Sell button of the Bazaar to randomly appear grey.
  • The Ghostly Galleon Ship will display properly when visiting the dye shop.
  • Players are now able to dye earrings.
  • Equipped Items will stay equipped after stitching to them when possible.
  • Players will no longer receive a ship unbottling message when using the Ship Emblem Alteration Service.
  • Your First Mate's appearance in the Emblem Alteration window will no longer revert back to a default coloration on the second visit.
  • Fixed the amount of gold Ryan charges for his yum-n-ade.

  • Added some sound variation between Beemish and Ensign Emmett and also between Samoorai Ronin and Kobe Yojimbo.
  • Bosun Budd has a new promotion title beyond that of "Drowned Zombie."

  • Added missing zone entry text and map icons for Perdition's Cauldron, Dusty Arroyo, and Scorpion Rock.
  • The PvP companion selector will no longer auto-fill with three companions. This was done so players may choose the ability to 1v1 without companions!
  • Players will now hear gold being given to the villagers during the quest, "Steal from the Rich."
  • The Team Up screen will now tell players how many members are required to start.
  • Tightened up the tool tip text given for the "Combat Unit Selection" toggle in the Options Menu.
  • Removed a multiplayer chest spawn point from the solo Bronco Busting encounter.
  • Players will no longer see "Stormgate to MooShu" as an exit point when looking at place names in Hamamitsu Garden.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*