Test Realm Down for Update 8/18/2014

The Pirate101 Test Realm has been brought offline at 6:45 pm US Central to apply an update. We anticipate the test realm will be offline for an hour.

Updates to the Test Realm are as follows:

Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 540841 (8/18/2014)

The following updates are being made to the Test Realm:

Tower of Moo Manchu
• We’ve lowered the number of enemies players will encounter during multiplayer combat in some of the floors of the Tower of Moo Manchu.
• The special effect from The Nefarious 6th badge now persists through combat.
• Fixed a voice over and text mismatch for Lord Chagatai.
• The summon Scorpion Swarm weapon power will now summon an actual swarm of scorpions.
• Fixed a bug causing those who are observing combat and not engaging the enemy to crash out of the game on the 4th level of the Tower of Moo Manchu.
• It’s now clearer when Corrupted Foo Dogs in the Tower of Moo Manchu use the “Sneaky Sneaky” power, hiding them from attacks.

• Added some missing battle sound effects to the Pig Raider companion.
• Lowered the name tags of all skarakeets (including Nikeeta) so they are closer to their bodies.
• Players must now defeat all enemies instead of escape from combat for Bonnie Anne’s promotion quest, In Her Majesty's Secret Service.
• Moresco De Valvida’s fireballs will appear correctly when juggled during his celebration animation.
• Players will only be able to purchase Bosun Budd once from the Crown Shop.

Gear, Equipment and Combat
• Inspecting the Follow Through talent from the “My Talents” interface will show more information about the number of follow through uses you receive.
• Talents will now properly reset between instances of combat.
• Players will more readily see their friend’s avatar picture when they port to you during combat.
• Charming Gaze will now only activate if the charming unit is targeted by the attacker-- it works more like First Strike, and the charming unit will attempt to charm the attacker first.
• Stealth abilities no longer ignore traps.
• Moo Manchu’s Wand will now animate and sound more like a wand.

• Fixed a bug allowing the infinite selling of items in stacks.
• Fixed a bug that was interfering with the Shadow Step Spell.
• Players will less frequently disconnect while creating a character.
• Huge piles of treasure are no longer able to be sold at the Bazaar.
• Make sure to complete your Town Crier quests! The Town Crier will now only show four possible quests for players to undertake.
• Added an appearance effect to the Opposition Champion badge.
• Fixed a bug allowing players to be in multiple team up queues at one time.
• Fixed a voice over and text mismatch error for Sly Winkum in the quest, Payback.
• Fixed a bug that was limiting house zones to four players.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*