Test Realm Down For Update 5/7/2014

The Test Realm will be going offline for about an hour at 6:00 pm US Central to apply an update. Please see the Test Realm's Update Notes Page for a complete list of updates. Scroll to the bottom: Upkeep and Maintenance—Spiral Date 521632 (5/07/2014).

These updates are listed below for your convenience:

Bug fixes

The following Advanced Pets bugs were fixed:
  • Fixed a bug causing pets to inherit different powers and talents when placed in a home and then picked back up.
  • Placing a pet in a house will no longer make it appear blue.
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying inconsistent damage values between the regular Pet window and the values seen during Pet Sparring.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Vengeance Strike pet talent to be +1 rank higher than what it should have been.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be stuck on a loading screen after Pet Morphing.

Other bug fixes are as follows:
  • Fixed a crash from naming a gifted pet.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring during Lucky Jack Russell’s promotion quest, Conundrums of War.
  • Fixed the Bazaar so it wouldn’t get stuck on a loading screen.
  • Powder Monkey's Palisade no longer deals 0 damage.
  • Fixed a bug not allowing players to place a mark in the Flotsam skyway.
  • Fixed many Voice Over and grammatical errors.
  • Fixed the missing sails on The Earl Wolf ship in the Khotan Skyway.
  • Players wielding the Trident should once again show a dodge animation.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to place items inside the Bell Pagoda.
  • First Mate Roll now only appears on the Flotsam Docks.
  • Players will no longer be stuck when opening the Secret Room of the Commodore’s Garrison.
  • The Sharpshooter’s Citadel map is now viewable.
  • Parisss and the Ophidian Archers will no longer use reactive talents like Overwatch when they are dazed.

Other Changes and Improvements
  • Rejoice! We’ve added the oft requested and highly desired Tatami Floor Mat housing item to certain MooShu bosses!
  • Added a Second Chance Chest to the Temple of Kow Cheng encounter.
  • El Doreeto is now muy delicioso to all pets!
  • Privateer companions may now use Will to attack, to properly benefit from their high Will.
  • A new tooltip was added to help players understand they can “Overtask” companions by having too many of them on the same job.
  • Added a way to preview power cards from Class Trainers.
  • Added a new badge for finishing Moe’s quests.
  • Mounts are now usable at the entrance of the Pyramid of Fire.
  • Many “Troggy” labeled items are now “Tribal” items.
  • Havaldar will no longer be able to heal himself after defeat in the encounter “Tastes Grrrrreat!”
  • Defeating Sergeant Seger with Repel Boarders will no longer cause him to perform an attack animation before teleporting away.
  • Removed the health indicator from the Raise Barricade Power.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*