Test Realm Down for Update (4/16/2014)

The Test Realm will be going offline for less than an hour at 6:05 pm US Central to apply an update (estimated to return sometime between 6:45-7:00 pm US Central). Please see the Test Realm's Update Notes Page for a complete list of updates. Scroll to the bottom: Upkeep and Maintenance – Spiral Date 517500 (4/16/2014).

These updates are listed below for your convenience:

Bug fixes
The following Advanced Pets bugs were fixed:
  • The Spiny Serpent now appears correctly.
  • Repaired the pets and mounts that couldn’t be placed in player housing (including the Toothy Egg and the Charity Noelephant).
  • Repeatedly pressing the space bar at the beginning of a Pet Sparring match no longer fills the cheer meter prematurely.
  • Players may now use the number pad keys as well as the top row of number keys during Pet Sparring.
  • Morphing timers will now continue to count down while the player is online or offline.
  • Fixed instances where the Quest Arrow was pointing to old NPC locations in Circus Maximus.

The following Skull Island Expansion bugs were fixed:
  • Players will no longer be stuck when entering the upper exit of the Castaway’s Cove.
  • Added a warning about losing your progress when you leave the Marie Celestia dungeon
  • Fixed several instances of missing voice over and quest text dialog.
  • Added a map for Fiddler’s Cave.
  • Fixed Tall Lem Terrier’s name color.

Other bug fixes are as follows:
  • Fixed a bug causing powers to be selected too randomly from all your powers. Now, only the first page of powers will be considered until you run out of powers on that page. After that, the same will occur with the second page, then the third, and so on.
  • The Knockback effect is functioning once again!
  • Completely clearing your ability bar no longer has the potential to leave players in an unplayable state.
  • The missing Drain Magic Talent card has been added to the Shrimpy Shellment.
  • Purge Magic’s casting animation will now correctly display as a Witchdoctor spell.
  • Friendly units will no longer be damaged by the resulting “Big Guns” fires when an enemy is defeated from the Big Guns attack.
  • Names no longer obscure text chat icons when whispering to other players.
  • Corrected the spelling of “Skarakeets” to be more consistent.
  • Oingo Boingo will now correctly change his appearance after promotion.
  • Corrected the spelling of Chief “Omurtu” where needed.
  • Fixed the Fire Effect on S.M. Arson’s sword.
  • Doubloon cards now appear correctly in PvP.
  • Players are now able to use marks for teleporting from the Vortex of Torment.
  • Armada ships will no longer show powers activating from the wrong angle.
  • Collecting mushrooms during the quest “Message in a Bottle” no longer causes the display to disappear
  • Targeting cross-hairs no longer disappear when multiple players select the same target.
  • FriendFinder now works even if you’re currently located in a dungeon.

Changes and Improvements
The following Advanced Pets changes were made:
  • Slightly increased the number of people allowed in the Morphing Tent at one time.
  • The Skarakeet pet from the Boochbeard Bundle will not create more Skarakeets of the same type when morphing, so that pet will continue to maintain its exclusive status. Instead, morphing with the Skarakeet will produce a Skull Island Macaw.
  • A Pet Renaming shop has been added to Bestia.
  • Adjusted matchmaking for Pet PvP to look for more equally paired matches.

Other additions and improvements are as follows:
  • Changed the talent cards found on the Sword of Talos and Hykssoss’ Falchion.
  • Staffy weapons now display the style of their Area of Effect on their display card.
  • Added more descriptive text to the Witch Hunter Card on Phule’s Wand.
  • Added range information to the Shark's Fury, Kraken's Coils, and Whale's Might Power cards.
  • Player housing deeds now show the number of items that can be put in a house when you inspect them.
  • Bloodbats now move a bit faster.
  • Added the word “Doubloons” to filtered text chat.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*