Test Realm Down for Update (4/11/2014)

The Test Realm will be going offline for less than an hour at 12:15 pm US Central to apply an update (estimated to return at 1:00 pm US Central--stay tuned). Please see the Test Realm's Update Notes Page for a complete list of updates. Scroll to the bottom: Upkeep and Maintenance – Spiral Date 516118 (4/11/2014).

These updates are listed below for your convenience:

Bug fixes
The following Advanced Companions bugs were fixed:
  • Fixed an issue where Companions would remain in a wounded state even after the wounded timer ran out.
  • Companion Orders now show more accurate time estimations for completion.
  • Pop up messages from moving a “Busy” Companion will no longer be obscured.
  • The Scrapper Talent no longer negatively affects a Companion’s Will Score.
  • Resolved Client Crash when entering combat with “Complete Training” dialog open.

The following Advanced Pets bugs were fixed:
  • Rejoice pet farmers! The Armadillo Verde Loyal pet should retain both Relentless and Riposte and Prepaid Card Loyal pets will keep their intended talents too!
  • Now playing the part of the Incredible Shrinking Pirate? Not you . . . Players will no longer appear shrunk when they have The Not So Great White Shark pet equipped.
  • The Advanced Pets Puppet Show will now appear in your list of Puppet Shows as soon as it’s done playing.
  • Pets that are training can no longer be placed in a house as decoration.
  • Pets placed in your housing will scale in size based on their level.
  • Items in the Pet Snack and Pet Gear Vendors no longer display a “0” in the bottom right hand corner of the display window.

The following Skull Island Expansion bugs were fixed:
  • Made several voice-over and text additions, changes, and clarifications for both the new tutorial tips and the new Skull Island expansion quests.
  • The quest arrow now points correctly to the next statue to be destroyed during the Pyramid Schemes quest.
  • Sergent Seger will be less likely to be confused and hang out in the top right hand corner of the battleboard during combat.
  • Avery will no longer prompt characters to talk to him when they log in if they don’t have a good reason to talk to him.
  • Crangor can now summon a minion to assist him.
  • The new quest that was named “The Enemy Revealed” has been changed to “Shrimp on the Barbie” to avoid having two quests with the same name.
  • Darzoz battle board props can no longer dodge.
  • Buster Crab will no longer appear in a different outfit when you meet him for the second time—unfashionable but necessary.
  • Crystal Battle Board Props in the Master’s Lair can no longer “block” attacks.

Other bug fixes are as follows:
  • The Musketeer Henchman’s Raise Barricade power now functions correctly.
  • The Bounding Overwatch Power now correctly triggers the Overwatch ability.
  • Dress the Line will now properly apply the Repel Boarders talent.
  • Fixed a bug causing many Skull Island hats to take on a different appearance when stitched.
  • The squid in the Buccaneer House will no longer disappear instead of sinking after hit with the catapult.
  • The magic resist icon on the Eyepatch of Recuperation no longer covers up some of the title of the item.
  • Sato will no longer become untargetable due to his Escape powers.
  • Gold loot from chests will now properly display “Gold Limit” if the player failed to receive gold due to being at Max Gold.
  • Rental Mounts now show their icon in the Gift Notification Window.
  • Eyepatches in the totem slot will now be unequipped upon first log in when the test realm moves to the live realm.
  • Doomhorn has been slightly scaled down to be more in line with the other Aztecosaur companions.

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*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Changes and Improvements
The following Advanced Companions changes were made:
  • Added a collect button to the bottom of the Companion Portraits for ease of use.
  • If a player uses Crowns to “Finish” a companion task, that companion will no longer be auto-tasked to the same job.
  • Added a toggle in the Advanced Gameplay settings to enable/disable auto-re-tasking of companion jobs.
  • Companions who are wounded, but who are not on a task (such as Bedrest) will display a Band-Aid icon in their portrait on the companion UI.

The following Advanced Pets changes were made:
  • Players are now allowed to say more pet snack names in Text Chat.
  • Egg portraits and Egg icons will now match colors and appearance more reliably.
  • Unfortunately Pet Eggs were being found a bit too frequently from the Pet Wrangling activity and the drop rate had to be adjusted.
  • Adjusted the locations of some of the Circus Maximus NPCs for ease of use.
  • Loyal pets can now be sold to a vendor.

The following Skull Island Expansion changes were made:
  • Added map icons for the quest “The Thresher Connection.”
  • Added more props to the Flying Dutchman’s Battle Board.
  • Adjusted the Battle Board size near the entry to the lower decks of the Marie Celestia so there’s less overlap.
  • Sneaky Sharky McFin and Sergeant Seger now have sounds accompanying their disappearing acts.
  • Improved the map for Skull Cap Cove.
  • The Floating Dutchman now talks when he takes over a player’s companion.

Other additions and improvements are as follows:
  • Aquila and Marleybone bosses now drop more pet loot and housing items.
  • Added a “Help me open a group chest!” menu chat item.
  • Skyway Chat Messages will last longer.
  • When you select your character, it will now tell you where your character is located in the world (upon first login it will state you’re “adrift,” but will retain your location on your next log in).
  • Player flags fade in and out more smoothly when selecting different characters at character selection screen.
  • Removed the level requirement from Finn’s Cutters.
  • The Commodore’s Garrison (Player House) now has a map.
  • Players will need to finish the quest "To Track a Traitor" before they can obtain the quest “Up For Crabs.”
  • Selecting a companion in the Crown Shop will now play a voiceover for them.
  • Duration timers have been added to the Overwatch and Burst Fire Team Epic Power Cards.
  • Made Fin Dorsal a little bit easier to beat.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*