Recent Talent Point Reset on Companions

With the recent update to the game on June 26 while fixing the balance of several companion epic talent ranks, we also reset several regular talents on the following companions:

• Tyson
• Colonel Sanders
• Wagyu Sanjuro
• Cat Pirate
• Temujin
• Oingo Boingo
• S.M. Arson
• Malik
• Jack Russell
• Monquisitor
• Lefty
• Jim Masterson
• Yule Trogg
• Monterey Jack
• Crab Hermit
• Buffalo Bill
• Inoshishi Necromancer
• Exeter
• Pepe Detorteau
• Gerard
• Uga Buga
• Lucy Sterling
• Zang Cha
• Helephant

This was unintended; however, if you had your companion talents reset, please note they didn't lose any training points and consider this action as a free talent reset. Please take the time to review all your companions before taking them into battle as they may need a bit of training before being fully combat ready again!

We'll be working on a fix so that someone who hasn't logged in between the last update and the next update won't have to retrain these companions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*