Mac Downloads Once Again Available!

New downloads of Pirate101 for the Mac are once again available! Visiting the download page will auto-sense if you are using a Mac or a PC and deliver you the correct download file when you click the "Play Now" button.

NOTE: Although those who have previously downloaded Pirate101 for the Mac will initially be unaffected by the changes we have made to the installation file, eventually there may be an issue when there is a Mac OS upgrade; therefore it is recommended that Mac users who downloaded Pirate101 last week replace this file by following these instructions:

  1. Download the new .dmg file from the Pirate101 website.
  2. Click on the .dmg file in downloads.
  3. The installation dialogue box will appear.
  4. Drag the Pirate101 icon to the Applications folder as instructed.
  5. A dialogue called “Copy” will appear informing that “An older item named “Pirate101” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the newer one you’re moving?”
  6. You'll see that three choice buttons at this point: “Keep Both”, “Stop”, and “Replace”
  7. Click “Replace”
  8. The file copy will commence.
  9. Close the Pirate101 drag box.
  10. Launch Pirate101 from the Applications folder.

Thanks for your patience and see you in the skyways!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*