December 2017 Update--Spiral Date 640100

Pirate101 will be offline 12/07/2017 from 3:00 am to 5:00 am US Central to bring new updates to the game.

Yuletide 2017 Update
Gingerbread raiders have invaded the Spiral skyways! Defeat enemy ships in the Skull Island, Westminster, and Calabria Skyways to find them and earn cool loot and badges for defeating these cookie criminals.

There are now more hidden snowmen for you to hunt down throughout the Spiral’s skyways. It’s time to set sail and see if you can find them all and earn their badges.

Monquista City, Barkley Square in Marleybone, and Florenza in Valencia now have more festive decorations (and present boxes)!

Auto Companion Improvements
Companions on automatic play will act a bit smarter. They’re more likely to do the following:
  • Use abilities like buffs and heals
  • Avoid traps and proximity-based opponent abilities
  • Use their critical strike powers.
  • Avoid trying to all break the same battle board props all at once.

If the Auto Companion feature is selected, you will also find a new “skip” (hourglass) icon at the tail end of the companion power bar. Clicking this icon will have your companions skip their turn if you’d rather they not act at all.

Practice Ship PvP Improvements
We’ve made a few rules changes and improvements to help get you out of the Safe Harbor and into the action in Practice Ship PvP:
  • We’ve added temporary leaderboards that shows the current Top Ten Pirates in the Ship PvP zone so you can know your current standings. Clicking on the three skulls in the top right corner will hide/show this leaderboard.
  • There is now only one Ship PVP realm. When you leave Ship PvP, you will be returned to the realm you were previously playing on.
  • There’s a new dangerous ship in the middle of the Ship PvP zone for you and your competitors to tackle – will you be one of the lucky ones to win one of its new ship horns (with new ship powers)?
  • As you drift from the Safe Harbor, you will be granted 6 seconds of safety where no other player ship can attack you.

General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing rental mounts to be placed in player housing.
  • Reduced the occurrence of combat delays that could happen during the use of auto-companions.
  • Fixed the giraffe and unicorn wigs Crown Shop icons
  • When players enter the Party Room, they will all travel to the same realm and should generally have an easier time running into each other. When players exit the Party Room, they will be returned to the house they used to enter the Party Room.
  • Holidays should be more persistent after our weekly maintenance.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*