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An Update on Pirate101

Hello Pirates,

In the September 2019 producer letter, we discussed a bit about the future of our updates – specifically that we were not considering any new worlds but looking at other ways that we could expand the game. A year later, we find ourselves in the same situation. We’ll be celebrating Pirate’s 8th birthday all month long, Veteran’s Day, and the Holidays like normal, but unfortunately, we don’t have any new content updates planned this year.

However, we are still actively looking at ways we can update Pirate. We have some ideas and plans but there’s nothing we can announce right now. When we have news, we’ll let the community know right away. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, thank you for having fun playing the game and interacting with us on KI Live, in the forums, and elsewhere. While we may not have new content to provide at this time, we very much care about the community and fully support your initiatives. In fact, we've seen some of our most dedicated content creators recently discovering or rediscovering Pirate. It’s very exciting to see some new and returning folks having fun sailing the skies with us. We want to wish each and every Pirate a very happy 8th, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in the Spiral!


Professor Falmea

Feb 12, 2015
In response to your post last night:

Thank you for being frank with us about the stare of the game and your plans for the future. To have a word from you again is something we have been looking forward to.

However, it came far too late. The fact that Pirate101 is not receiving an update this year, of any scale or capacity, contradicts all of your statements and undermines the future longevity of this game. It has now been over a year since both the last Producer's Letter and the last update, and since then no real effort has gone into this game.

Falmea, I have reason to believe that your statements are blatantly untruthful. In comparison with the updates that came out in Pirate101's early history, we have now hit rock bottom. If you are actively looking at updating Pirate101, we would have heard something long before now. Meanwhile, Wizard101 has been receiving a vastly disproportionate number of updates ever since the development teams for both games merged. Your words contradict with what we, the community, have observed of your activities over the past couple of years and especially these past few months.

I will close off with a demand. The beginnings of Pirate101's lack of attention can be directly linked to the merge of the development teams for both games. In order to resolve this problem and fulfill your promises to the community, I demand the reassembly of a dedicated development team for Pirate101. These problems shall persist unless there is a group specifically assigned to solving these issues and improving the game.

I hope that the right choices shall be made.

Merciless Brian Ornsley, Level 70

May 28, 2020
I posted this in another thread but, I will say it again. I find it hard to believe you guys "care." Yes, I am rediscovering the game, you are correct. However, I left because of the neglect and I want to relive this fantastic game before it inevitably gets shutdown and lost to history. I come back and there is basically nothing new. I don't see how we are "cared" for at all. At the very least, there is a lot of PvP and bug fixes that can be done (someone should make a thread about it because I am not qualified enough). For example, Haywire Shot is a gun art but activates blade storm?? You guys seemingly can't even throw us bones that small.

Jun 01, 2017
Well, let me know when you've finished looking because I'm not spending or supporting this game until further notice. Professor Falmea, since the Valencia Part II update, you've had:

- 2016: "We’re spinning plans for what’s to come, though I don’t have anything concrete I can share just yet. We’re excited to continue charting our course and sail full speed ahead into next year, after a long winter’s nap, of course. May your course be true and may you steer clear of scoundrels this holiday season. From the crew to you, we wish you a warm, happy, and fun one!"

- 2017: "While we can't immediately offer our players a major story update, we do still want to move the story ahead; so we’re going to work on doing it in smaller, bite-sized chunks. The first episode involves our good friend Captain Avery asking for yet more assistance, this time in an Ambassadorial role. Skull Island is on the cusp of becoming a true, legitimate republic. Your exploits have helped other major powers realize that Skull Island should not be ignored; and Avery is positively giddy at the prospect of wealth and power. Navigate your way through the needy Ambassadors’ whims, and perhaps you can help Avery succeed with something he’s been trying to realize for FIVE LONG YEARS."

- 2018: "There’s actually quite a bit more coming throughout the rest of the year, but I don’t want to let ALL the Firecats out of the bag at once, so stay tuned for more info...We’re very much looking forward to 2019, and all that the new year will bring. We’ll be SEVEN! That’s pretty amazing! Let us at KingsIsle wish you a happy holiday and a bright new year to you and your crew." (This was the release of the 4 skeleton key bosses)

- 2019: "Keeping our sights on next year and beyond, we've got quite a few interesting concepts and systems we're evaluating, including ideas from the community. They all need more thought and work put into them before we can reveal anything, but know that we're excited to share them with you! Also, please know that we love playing Pirate101 too and are inspired by the community’s intense passion to see it continue, so we are dedicated to continue expanding and improving the game."

- 2020: Another empty promise to update this game. I can't quote a producer's letter because NOTHING HAS BEEN PRODUCED.

Feb 12, 2015
Dear Professor Falmea:

If the Kingsisle team is actively working on more content, why haven't we seen any significant updates in four year's time? Why have these promises been left hanging for years? Why has communication been largely cut off with us?

This statement is too little and too late. Frankly, I don't believe you.

I demand the reestablishment of a dedicated Pirate101 team. These issues, this ignorance, can be directly linked to the merging of the two development teams around 2016. Ever since then, Pirate101 has received very little while Wizard101 has a vastly disproportionate number of updates. Only by having a dedicated team can these issues stop.

Petty Officer
Mar 28, 2009
@RobotPirate30 - well said. I hate to use the word "lies" but we have definitely been led down the road that is "paved with good intentions."

Failure to take action -- whether due to procrastination, the often-mentioned lack of resources, or whatever other "reasons" -- happened. No one probably intended to abandon the game in those earlier years, but no one at Kingsisle has cared enough in the more recent few years. To say at this point that they "very much care" is a statement that needs action to make it believable.

Apr 11, 2015
The vast team members leading this group is astonishing at how sad they are, the vortex to polaris will never appear, el dorado is done for, the credit to the ending sucks because i thought it would lead to another story line i was WRONG the vast majority of these many months and years has been nothing but wizard101 and frankly i don't care for any of the updates the faces are creepy and no real world has appeared, pirate101 has been the same since and i'm not proud of calling it out to be like this, it took guts to even talk about the fact of what pirate has come to be and i'm still playing it! i'm playing it for my own irl boredom as through so many times i've seen many other games come and go, some come back but only because of the community, but as of right now even the community can't stop pirate101 from being shut down it will happen, not just because of them but because we eventually ask for it

First Mate
Dec 29, 2012
Is it really an update, if the news to report is there is no update?

What exactly should we "stay tuned" for anyways.....more neglect?

Why is there an "MMO team" if no one is appropriately managing two different MMOs? Just call it the Wizard101 team and truthfully let everyone know that no one is working on Pirate101 at this time.