A Note About the Free-to-Play Changes

Many of you have been wondering about the Free-to-Play changes and had some concerns.

Our original plan was always to have the first premium content access point close to where it is now. This correlates very closely to the amount of free content available in Wizard101 at its first launch (prior to adding pets/pet system, gardening, housing, crafting, etc.) However, by not doing this at launch we were able to gather more information. The benefit to our existing Pirate101 players is these new areas will always remain as free content, and the change only impacts new Pirates coming in to the game.

I want to also call out that we always value your feedback and input. In this case we heard you loud and clear on the value of free-to-play players being able to experience sailing and the skyways. Based on your feedback, the free area was extended to include the Skull Island Skyway and now ends at the entry to Traitor’s Cave on Blood Shoals. We agree, this will allow new players to still get the sense of exploration and excitement from sailing their first ship. Second, please remember that both of these new Premium Areas will be given freely to all accounts who have at least created one pirate before we released these changes from the Test Realm to the Live Realm.

Thanks and we’ll see you in the skyways!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*