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What level do you get Hawkules?

Dec 31, 2012
What level do you get hawkules? I'm so confused , which level do you get him or what side quest is it and where? A Response would be great- Fearless Isabella Nightingale 61 almost 62 I am usually either questing or in skull island in the brawling hall or spar chamber if you wanna find me if you do keep reading on lol, I have blond hair long ( not in a pony tail thou ), light blue eyes, and is friends with Red Jewel jones, quite Audrey nightingale, Bradley Grant, Marcus quick, Smart Shanna swakins, Faithful amber spencer. So those are the main friends I hang out with or talk to, also I'm a swashbuckler With sato's shades

Jan 19, 2014
Progress through the storyline and after a couple of dungeon runs, you will get him.

May 13, 2011
it doesnt really depend on lvl. you get him around the labyrinth, but you will fight with him some time before

Feb 02, 2013
Hello FearlessIsabella14,
I heard you were talking about when do you get Hawkules? Well my friend here is your answer.
You get him after you complete the hydra quest where you get the chains that bind the hydra, I'm correct?

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Dec 31, 2012
Thank you for the replies, it make so much more sense now.

- Fearless Isabella Nightingale level 62