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Unique items and pets missing?

Jul 26, 2009
I've noticed Aquila a lot of the "unique" items are tokens, charms, and rings. I was wondering if there IS any "unique" No Trade, No Auction gear and/or weapons? Or is there going to be? Because I can understand if Kingsisle wants to move away from these powerful items.

Now if you don't know what a unique item is I will explain (to other players.) Unique items are those special boss drops like Friar Sand's Unyielding Hirigana weapon or Buck's Visor. Basically these items are always No Auction but 95% of the time they are BOTH No Auction, No Trade. They also provide usually but not always better than average stats. Another feature of these items are they usually give some type of card. For example; the Dragoon Autocannon gives a knockback power or the Metal Guardian's Armor gives the card The Big Guns.

But anyway I've noticed a lot of the weapons and named gear is simply No Auction and the stats are over all below average of most other gear. So my question again is will we see more of these unique items in the form of gear? weapons? Or are the plans to stick to Tokens and Charms?

Onto my next question I was wondering what was the deal with pets? Besides the crown shop there have been no reports of any kind of pet drops. Is this intended? I sure hope not as an avid pet collector I was looking forward to farming for perhaps an Ettin pet, Troll pet, and especially a Manticore pet. As it stands now are only the Crokogator and Cute Chameleon pets. I'd love to see more and be able to farm for them if possible or are you folks saving the Aquila pets for a future Crew pack? ;-)

Brave Sam Laveer/Alric Ravensinger
Lv 65 Privateer and avid pet collector~

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
I got the Minotaur Lord's axe . It is by far the best weapon in the game for swashbuckler. Let me explain: I use invis and sneak attacks primarily almost every attack as i have all my gear focused on damage and dodge. I hit a mob with sneak attack to do double damage with the sneak attack and i do every time whether its a super hit or not 1k to 1.8k damage then the mob tries to hit me with his attack i riposte for another 382 damage and up to 1k on an epic riposte. This axe is insane i have used the stabby weapons and i get a max hit for 1800 on an epic sneak attack invised. But thats only if i get an epic hit. I usually only hit for 400-800 damage with stabby weapons non crit hits. With the axe i get awesome hits every time 1k or better non crit hits. Dont need epic hits the AXE HURTS BIG TIME. i also got the trident which is slighty less damage than the axe the axe has 279 damage while the trident has 275. Big choppy weapons for the win. I f anybody knows of better please do tell thats all i know for now. I did get the dragoon autocannon LOL that things is awesome too for my musketeer. But that dropped off of trash mobs ( armada marines) in isle of fetch no boss mob!!

Jan 02, 2012
I am a pet hoarder too. I just can't seem to make myself sell them. I wish KI would let us stock pets in our houses and let them run around, like they do in Wiz101.