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Things I'd Love Aquila To Have In the Future

May 06, 2009
Hey there, gang! I have to say, Aquila is a very well done world. I like all the references there and the scenery, but I feel like there could've been a few more things there. If Wizard101 isn't going to already include a few of these, here are just some ideas or stories Aquila could stretch to do in the future:

-Reference the King Midas story (This is the story about the king who could turn anything to gold just by touching it. Unfortunately, he turns his daughter into gold, making her a golden statue...forever)
-Add an NPC based off of Aristotle (Aristurtle)
-Add an NPC based off of Plato (Crayto (as in Crayfish))
-Add an NPC based off of Pythagoras (Python-goras)
-Creating an area called Athens
-Reference the Peloponnesian Wars (Pelicannesian Wars)
-Creating an area called Pelicannesus (pun on Peloponnesus)
-Possibly a story where the Owls (as Athens was named after Athena who in our story is an Owl Griffin) of Athens are fighting with the Spartans.
-Creating an area called Battica (pun on Attica)
-Referencing Alexander the Great
-Creating an area called Crete (maybe Beak?)
-Reference the wars where the Persians opposed (and I believe at one point aided) the Greeks. In this case, have Mirage invade Aquila in the mix.

That's about it that I can think of. If you have any ideas on what you think would be fun to add into Aquila, don't be afraid to post it!

Oct 17, 2012
you know what would be cool pegasius (like perceus)

Feb 27, 2009
Wait a moment? Where's Percy Jackson? WE NEED HIM!

Jun 24, 2012
We should also have how Athena made the first spider.Great story btw.

Oct 20, 2009
Those are all great ideas! I'd love to see more myth-based areas and stories added to Aquila!

We already have a Hippocrates... but I think we need some more hippo-based NPCs too. The Amazon queen should've been a Hippo too (Hippolyta).

And they should've made Zeus a swan. ;)

Dec 13, 2008
i will love to have one of the sirens as a companion. calyspo (the red head siren i believe} i want her. hopefully ki add some of them in crown shop. we need more female like pirates in this game. maybe adding some more lucy starling look a likes but with different hair styles. they can be sisters, who care we need more!

Oct 01, 2010
I'd like to be able to meet the Aquila Immortals soon in Pirate101. We've had little interaction with them currently.

Jan 06, 2011
But Zeus's sacred bird is an eagle, not a swan. Perhaps Aphrodite could be a swan, since that's her sacred bird?

I do agree with the whole Athens idea. There need to be owls. That would just be epic.

Also, to whomever mentioned Percy Jackson, you are now my BFF. I don't care who you are or how well I know you. You are my BFF.

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