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The Harpys

Petty Officer
Dec 18, 2010
Well, after going back and forth from the war room to some Armada-infested area, I have finally reached Aquila. Currently, I am on the Quest 'Wings in the Waiting'. I am having a hard time collecting the claws from the Harpys. Not only because of their vengeance strike 2, which me and Gracie Conrad can match with (she almost always comes into those battles!), as well as my new First Mate, Catbeard, using almost all of his relentless hits every round (and you all know what should happen when they have vengeance strike 2), but also the Harpys barely even drop the claws. So far I have battled 11 Harpys and only gotten one claw. I have no idea if this is normal.

So I have two questions for the community of pirates out there.

1. What strategy would be best for me to use in these battles?

2. About how many battles did it take you to get all 6 claws?

Petty Officer
Jun 05, 2011
First, what class are you?
If you have promoted Bonnie Anne to a Fox Highlander, make her your firstmate.
Use Gracie and make a war golem, then a mine where the harpys will likely go.
O=Open Square
I need to know your class to do more.

Oct 30, 2012
The harpies are made to be somewhat challenging, to what I've experienced while battling them. Usually, I use buffs at the start of the round (mainly Levithian's Call, etc.) to reduce my pirate's damage intake, which usually helps. Then, I use AOE attacks that can reach across the board to hit multiple enemies (Gunnery, Mojo Strike). Usually I get 3 companions in my battles, so when I do I split them up into two groups on each side of the board (including me), according to their classes, like musketeer+swashbuckler of buccaneer+witchdoctor. Strategically speaking, I keep my musketeers back (distance back depending on said musketeer's range) while the swashbucklers/buccaneers go up and do the heavy damage. If you really have a hard time, then you should try focusing all attacks on one target at a time. Hope this helped!

Silver Luis Cog L62

Apr 21, 2009
There are a few effective strategies you could consider. As a Privateer I made sure my dodge and accuracy spell was first on my list, loaded the top of my companion page with swashbucklers and basically riposted the Harpys to death. If you're not a Privateer, I'd suggest using El Toro as your first mate for his accuracy and dodge spell for a similar effect. A second strategy would be to load up on ranged companions. Fights might take a bit longer but you don't have to worry about the vengeance strikes.

I hope this helps.

Petty Officer
Dec 18, 2010
I thank all the pirates who have given me the best strategies they could think of. Apparently, I was just having major bad luck. The harpies were actually smart enough to gang up on one companion at a time . And El Toro started coming into the battles a lot, so his 'Esprit De Corps' helped too. I hope to see you all sometime in the Spiral.