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The 2 Boss Pirate Captains in Aquila skyway.

Petty Officer
Sep 19, 2010
Ok so ive camped these 2 boats for days, probably a week now trying to get awesome ship gear. To date i've gotten (1 x Sails of Hermes, 5x Kraken Horn, 3 x Tribunal Rudder and 1x the 10% fleet heal wheel). Have not been able to get a pegasus heal wheel to date, REALLY!! Just how rare are these wheels? Had to break down and buy one from the crown shop then i found one for sale in the bazaar and i was like OMG someone actually sold one LOL. Anyway, please post any other great ship gear from these 2 pirate captains and the gear that drops from the passage hydra heads. Need names of the ship parts and abouts how many spawns it took to get them, THANKS!! I want to know if there is a better figurehead than consular standard?

Mar 26, 2012
The wheels are the rarest of all the new ship gear and what you call the "Hydra heads" are actually heads from the Scylla and they drop nothing good if I am correct; sense you are done farming the bosses in Achean Skyway you can get some friends that are bored and you can go realm hopping behind Beachhead in Marleybone for the Armada Assault Station to get more AOE/fleet ship powers.

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Jul 02, 2009
There are TWO pirate bosses in the Aquila skyway? I thought there was only one. Which is the other one? I've only defeated the pluton guy.