Stout Branch in Laestrygon

Mar 24, 2011
Anyone else having trouble getting the "Stout Branch"? I've been back 3 times and there is no branch but the yellow arrow keeps ending at the same place.

There is a bug currently that is delaying appearance of the stout branch. As a work around, some players have noted changing Realms sometimes causes the branch to appear for them.

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Apr 11, 2013
Dec 03, 2010
Same problem still exists today 2013-10-04 Friday. I followed the quest hint yellow arrow to the island in the middle of Laestrygon, at the north center of the map, near the tree. Nothing happens. This was my first time to the area. maybe the act of downloading the area on a slow connection causes the bug to occur more often? I have noticed lot of glitches occur as a result of this. Anyways, I can wait all day, no branch and no "x" appears, so there is no "delay". The game simply fails to correctly set up the quest goal. Changing realms did not help.

Nov 13, 2012
I just did this today 11-2-13 and Stout Branch was not showing. I changed realms and it showed up.