Several things lacking

Jun 04, 2009
I have been up to Aquila in my quests, There needs to be more pink and blue balls for health and for life of crew and ship! Common these critters are pretty tough and trying to find life and the blue balls they are far and few.I more often than not end up transporting back to skull island to find enough to fill my bottles. I also feel it is a kick in the teeth to be almost lvl 60 at the time I was up there and receive lvl 10 ,20, get the point, items after a fight! I feel that Aquila needs a bit more work to fill it out and make it more fun to play. It doesn't seem to have as much of a story line or side quests as the other worlds do.I was rather disapointed with the world in general. ATM I have been sent back to some of the other worlds and will work on some of the stuff I can find there.
I hope you can get or will adress these things soon. thanks.