No Greek Accents in Aquila?

May 06, 2009
I've seen and experienced some Aquilan dialect here and there. Aquila is a Roman and Greek inspired world, filled to the brim with classical mythological references. Many worlds that play off of a theme will have the majority of speaking NPC's with an accent corresponding to that theme. In Monquista, you'll here Monkey's speaking in Spanish accents as they play off of Spain. Krokotopia has a majority of Egytian accents among the Manders. Valencia's Unicorns and MooShu is renouned for farm animals speaking with Japanese and Chinese accents. And you can't have Marleybone without English accents. Yet, in both Pirate101 Aquila and Wizard101 Aquila, I have found very few to none NPC's speaking with a Greek accents.

It could be possible that using a Greek accent for the majority of NPC's would be slightly off putting as I'm sure most people have never heard a greek accent and I think many of us have gottened used to the American/dramatic/formal accents uses in Aquila. A Greek A\accent is also one of the harder accents to pull off and KI just couldn't find enough people possible of doing one. It could simple be possible KI just forgot. Whatever the case may be, I'm just a tad dissappointed that there was not at least one NPC speaking with a Greek or Roman accent.