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Next World After Aquila

Oct 20, 2011
My prediction is different from many others. While others think we would just go to Valencia, i think we would be going to Krokatopia or Polarlis, or even Darkmoor. The reason why i say this is, because we would have to first go to that world to ge the windstone to go to a new section of Valencia where this G is. To get to Krok or wherever we first would have to get the windstone, from wherever we would get it from. I think the storm gate to Krok or wherever would be in Aquila. WIth aquila having two empty stromgates it would make since.So thank you for your time.

-Brave Robert Evans,lvl 65

Apr 26, 2009
There is literally no proof of what world is coming next. Before last world release there were marleybone galleons and Rooke even stated he was on his way to Marleybone, and there was a labeled stormgate to marleybone, so DUH.

But with this patch the only clear contender for a world is Valencia, to find the clockwork toy maker.

Other than that there is basically nothing. Everyone theories about Darkmoor yet the only evidence of that world even existing is a few references in dialogue and a few people coming from there.

The only thing we can do is wait for whatever world comes next. Valencia is coming but will probably take the Marleybone role of last patch, being short but having some major plot closure.