Magnificent 7 Promotion

Jun 03, 2012
Recently I leveled up my Bat Masterson to level 63, and it started his promotion. At first it was easy fighting the vulture ships but when Orion wanted me to go into a manticore cave and beat the dread manticore. I thought "Wow this is going to be easy!" I was wrong. It is so hard when you only go in with a level 63 and yourself with 3 manticores with so many relentless. My Bat Masterson dies so fast and I die next really easily. Could you maybe make it so you only have to defeat the Dread Manticore or make it so they don't have that many relentless. I have been fighting him for an hour and a half! I was so annoyed when I lose because it wasted my time! The closest I have gotten was one Manticore left and he was in the red. He attacked me and spammed relentless! I just want my Bat Hero! Thank for reading and I hope you take my word. Yes it is not impossible but it is really hard for me! I am just asking to make it a little easier! - Olivia Freeman Level 63