Can any of you help with the Hydra boss?

Dec 16, 2009
This boss is a pain.. and I was wondering if you could help out!

I am currently on Pirate101 on server 'Catbeard' at the Hydra's cave.

Please, help! Thanks

Petty Officer
Mar 15, 2013
I'd be happy to help :D. I am lvl 65 Privateer I will meet you on there at 5:00 Eastern time zone! Friday but if I can I will try to find you today .

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
If you haven't noticed, the messages go into moderation and come out some time later, and i'm reading this on the 19th of december. You wont get much help this way. Perhaps tell us your class and level to recieve advice on how to do it solo.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
You can set up dates for help but you have to chose a day or two in advance as moderation and delays for possible questions from those that wish to help. If you need the help faster you can try asking on Pirate101 Central as moderation is not a timing issue there.

Sep 09, 2010
I should be able to help you with it .I soloed it on my witchdoctor.Also I can give you tips to any battle except side quests battles
Tips for the hydra:make sure you don't activate the cheats from each head involved
Tips to help

One is you go into a square next to the monster there will be a ice wall.
Also get good gear and train your companions to your level.Make your companions the best they can be
If you need help with farming for gear for your class I would be glad to help you with that
If you need help with farming i can help you with it so you can try to solo this battle after all I can teach you how to solo i soloed 99percent of the game minus Troy and a couple other dungeons as well.
Ways for not having to flee in this battle are:
Try to not get some many walls or anything that could damage you and or your companions
If you have a use the not damaging thing
If you have a use valors armor from privateer and use ranged spells and let the enemy come to you buff first

If you have a use all the protection powers and buffs when needed to

If you have a use your training points in privateer up till those protection things to anyone on

And get juju from witchdoctor to.also use all these tips and you should be fine.

Now then you will have to kill the ebon head3times
So don't use poison just yet or any spell that lasts for over one round
You have to kill three heads of the same color and different color.To get ebon to come back up
Then he goes down the first time after a little bit of his health goes down
Then he comes back after half of his health is gone he comes back after you kill 3heads of the same color and different color.After that just get his health down to zero and you win the battle.

Sep 09, 2010
Hope these tips helped and me and pirate101 lover both got new ranks too

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
krokotopia pirate on Dec 27, 2013 wrote:
Hope these tips helped and me and pirate101 lover both got new ranks too
Congratulations on your new ranks to the both of you. By the way Valkoor has invited you to bring your tips over to the "Pirates Helping Pirates" thread so that more will see them. It is an honor to be so invited and I congratulate you again for being sought out for your game wisdom.