Be Mine Beginner
Jun 10, 2012
What happens when you have completed Aquilia as I have done so and I now have no quests. Been back to Captain Avery nothing, Mooshu ....nothing, Marleybone.....nothing. What do I do now? Surely this is not the end of the game . Appreciate any feed back, cannot get to any new worlds ( if there are any), just sailing around bored now.

Please need quests. HELP!!!!!

Dreamy Dreamer
Feb 27, 2009
You hit the end of the storyline. Now you could get your badges; help friends; PvP; finish your sides; or attend the party coming up on August 3rd.

Be Mine Beginner
Aug 05, 2011
Sweet Talker
Dec 30, 2012
No worries bro!

That is the end of the storyline.... for now. Kingsisle is always adding onto the game, but if everything came out at once, well the game would feel rushed, the release date pushed back, and, well you can't completely finish an MMO. There's always new additions, items, players, places, battles, and more!

For the time being:

Starting a new character
Side Quests
Companion Training
Broadside Combat
And for even more fun: Youtube. Film Pirate adventures when you are bored!!! Upload and join the Kingsisle Youtube community! here are many great people such as: Fallon Bluegem, Arlen LifeBringer, Markswiftgem, etc. Most os them are Wizard players as of now though.