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aquila to hard

Jan 22, 2013
okay so im not there yet but from what im hearing and seeing (been there) it looks HARD!!! i feel like when i get there i will be running around screaming like a two year old who is in a haunted house that looks like something out of a psychos mind. AHHHHHH---:O-]--{ <--me when i get there . i know its supposed to be hard but i am seriously not looking forward to it. it would be great if you could give me some pointers for when i get there.
i am a and i prefer fights with other people and i have crown companions if that gives any help for info. for me i know its far away but i want to be prepared as possible for when i get there. thx if you can help

-jack nightgale

Aug 23, 2009
No need to freak out, provided you are leveling normally, it will be like most new worlds. You'll experiment and find your own style to fight. No real pointers as I'm not of same type pirate. But call in friends in game. I'm sure you will be fine as I soloed almost the entire game thus far-few people dungeon hopped at the last second. My main effective strategy would be doing best damage to most with swashbuckler and musketeer companions, and using others to boost and concentrate damage on single enemy. Don't forget to use double tap and blade storm effectively, speeds up battle victories.

Feb 02, 2013
Aquila is basically all dungeons, use el toro's buff, this WILL GREATLY help you survive, and I have also found that good music helps me live