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Your favorite world music

Nov 14, 2015
Themagerhonor on Aug 18, 2016 wrote:
Ahoy pirates!

As the title says above, what is your favorite world music? I was inspired by GuyFromSchool to write this because he did a thread about where kingsisle gets their music. My favorite world music is Mooshu's music. So, what's yours?
I love the tune that they play in Tumbleweed. Then again, I love all of Cool Ranch's music. Pirate101 would not be Pirate101 without Skull Isl's music though.

Jan 17, 2013
Every single cool ranch song out there! That's gotta be some of the best music ever. I also like the skull island music.

Fearless Robert spencer
Brave Robert spencer

Nov 23, 2011
am I the ONLY one that likes the monquista theme?

Dec 21, 2012
I'd have to say Marleybone, especially the battle marleybone music. The music in Marleybone extends to their theme: Battle & War with the Armada, Or Rebels underground.

Nov 17, 2012
I love the "revolution" feel to Valencia, though the war theme of Marleybone comes in at a close second.

Silent Horace Reade, Level 69 Swashbuckler

Apr 19, 2012
The battle music in Marleybone is awesome.

Jan 18, 2013
This is not the best question for me there's way too many pieces that I absolutely love...that's one of the biggest reasons why I've stayed with Pirate101 and Wizard101! I guess that's just what being a musician does to you...oops! If I had to narrow it down to three pieces (which is still difficult for me) I'd say..
1. Valencian main theme + skyway theme. The piano is what makes these pieces #1, since there's not a lot of KI songs with leading pianos in them. I love all the arpeggios plus the choir just makes it so epic--definitely fitting for Valencia's dystopian theme.
2. Marleybone theme. Again, for some reason I love the fuller, minor sounding pieces (I know, it's kind of dark but minor pieces just sound beautiful)
3. Monquistan skyway theme. The first time I entered through the stormgate, just hearing the chorus was nice enough but with the whole orchestra and flute/guitar solos...amazing! The music department (I believe Nelson Everhart is the main composer?) is extraordinarily talented!
I knew I would get sidetracked and over think this question, but I really believe that having great music for a video game is key to creating an atmospheric, immersive world and Kingsisle really shows what that sounds like!

Nov 05, 2011
Marleybone, and Valencia. I also like the music in Mooshu, Skull Island and the Bison Village theme.

Nov 05, 2011
Merciless Richard ... on Sep 21, 2016 wrote:
It's definitely Cool Ranch Skyway Battle music and Marleybone's Skyway Battle music for me! I have to say, Valencia's Skyway Music matches my mood which is usually everyday!

Level 70 Merciless Richard Chamberlain
Level 66 Fearless Richard Chamberlain
Level 65 Charming Richard Nightingale
Level 65 Merciless Richard Nightingale
Level 65 Reckless Richard Chamberlain
Level 19 Bloody Richard Morgan
Ikr, My favorite theme in the whole game is the Marleybone Skyway battle theme, I also love the Isle of Dogs theme.

First Mate
Nov 01, 2012
The piano roll that plays in the battle inside the "card room" in the Desert Rose in Cool Ranch is my favorite soundtrack. Its so ragtime-y and fast paced.