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Yo Ho, Mateys Away?

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
So, I have being meaning to ask you fine folks at KI this question for some time-- well at least since Doubloons were first introduced to the Spiral. I was just curious if the idea of Doubloons coming from Group Plunder Chests, partially came from the kids show Jake and the Never Land Pirates? I was watching....I mean I overheard my kids watching that show and couldn't help but notice that they say something along these lines, "the best way to find treasure is for pirates to work together". They also seek out and collect Doubloons from their Team Treasure Chests. And the Doubloons can only be collected if the team works together to open them.

So, did this wonderful kids' pirate show actually have any influence on the addition of Doubloons and Group Plunder Chests? Or was it just more a result of pirate lore, legend and history coming into play?