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Would this count?

Dec 22, 2012
By any luck of chance .....can you still make a Fire lizard with a Yuletide Banded Iguana or do I need a normal iguana?

Dec 28, 2012
Woah there, calm down with the font size! From what I can tell, you do indeed need a normal iguana, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I'd say just give it a shot, and if it doesn't work, there's really nothing to lose.

Jan 23, 2011
I don't know, but if you are looking for a Fire Lizard I would be happy to morph with you.

Dec 22, 2012
I can still have a chance of getting one if I morph with your own fire lizard if you have one?

I have a fire road but it’s in the progress of being adult I’d soon need someone with an iguana

I’d usually be found in Devilfish hallow farming the spider boss but I am on at 2pm to 5:30 pm on the west side of USA ((the side with Washington and why not)

But any help will be great thx