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Wizard City Anyone?

May 20, 2012
Every time I travel between worlds I always see Wizard City just floating about (Actually I always think about going there. After that I realized I switch worlds and I am in a ship battle!). Will we ever be able to at least step on Wizard City? I mean just with our big toe? Just for a small, tiny quest! I really want a mix-over between Pirates and Wizards! If you could just make the simplest quest to visit there, I would be happier than anything! Anything in the world!

Oct 27, 2009
I'm not sure how to put in a link to it, but there is a discussion of this in A Pirate's Life under Wierd Question. If you know how to link the threads, please help me out.

*Here's the link for you Weird Question -One-Eyed Jack*