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Witchy Wonders

May 24, 2009
Have any of you actually used the Epic, Witch Hunter? I have it preset on one of my companions, but other than that I have never used it. I have seen it used by enemies, but is it really worth giving a companion Witch Hunter? Is their some massively incredible secret to Witch Hunter 3? Please tell me I am not the only one here who thinks this.

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Hi! I'm sure more will chime in on this thread, but in case not, more discussion about the Witchhunter talent can be found here.

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Oct 17, 2012
well, against the infamous satys witch hunter is pretty handy you only have to see how deadly it is to a witch doctor Vs them to see how effective this can be v a magic user. I only have i think three companions with it tho.

Dec 19, 2012
Witch Hunter is really a pain vs a class like a witchdoctor.

Lowering their damage and also doing damage all in one package vs a class that really needs that damage is wonderful.

Speaking as a WD i hate witch hunter since i have made my WD into a pure DD witch hunter really messes up that mojo for me

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It's true that Witch Hunter is a very powerful epic, but the reason it's tuned up so high is because it is much more situational than almost every other epic. That may be the reason why there are so many threads asking if it is even working. As enemies, fight a witch doctor or a privateer for that matter, is much more rare than the other three class types with swashbuckler and musketeer types seemingly the favorites.

Witch Hunter could turn the tide of very specific battles, the satyrs mentioned being a good example, but for most, relentless/burst fire/mojo echo are the most all around useful epics, if you have to chose.

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From what my Witchdoctor observed against Bishop and the Satyrs, Witch Hunter seems to trigger if - and only if - the creature with that talent is directly targeted by a Mojo spell or power. When I used a 3x3 area effect, it had to be centered on the Witch Hunter to set off their Epic - as long as the center square's empty or was a unit without Witch Hunter, catching a Hunter with indirect splash damage didn't seem to trigger it.

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Mar 10, 2009
That is helpful thank you. A useful workaround for the furstunkin satyrs lol.

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Jan 01, 2013
I gave the Witch Hunter epic to my companion Wind Eagle. I would be still fighting Bishop if not for that.