Will there be new Zones added to Worlds soon?

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I'm all for seeing new Worlds added to Pirate101 real soon, but you should also know, Ratbeard, One-Eyed Jack, I would also like to see new Zones added to the current Worlds, whether it's new Zones added as part of the main story or new optional Zones added, just for Pirates to have more adventures, and to get away from the boredom. Maybe both. Having new Zones may also mean new quests, new Companion rewards, new Dungeons/Gauntlets, new places to explore, and plenty more. It would be nice to add in new Zones to the current Worlds once in a while. Think of it. After all, ye never know if there's bound to be more new treasures located in lands unseen to the folk before.