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Will Question

Jul 10, 2009
I'm sorry if this question makes no sense, but if you have higher Will, do your powers do more damage as well as your basic attack?

Similarly, does having higher Damage (not sure what the exact name of this stat is, but it is represented by a brown glove) increase the amount of damage your powers do?

Ivette Xavier Witchdoctor ( level 55)

Petty Officer
Jul 25, 2013
hi and yup, it does, for since you are a , will will (lol) increase your damage, while the brown glove will increase damage in general, to all classes, will will also give you more of a chance of not to fizzle and trigger your epics more

Apr 28, 2012
In addition, an increase in Will will also increase the power of any Healing Spells.